[PROXYPER] ProxyPer 3.02 - Up-to-date documentation?

Jochen Erwied mack at Joker.E.Ruhr.DE
Thu Jan 14 07:59:01 EST 1999

It seems to me that the documentation for proxy 3.02 is quiet wrong or not
up to date.

a) Option 'detached' is missing in the binary
   Instead you have to use '-detach' on the commandline

b) Option showcumulativestats is not present in the binary - removed?

c) Sending a 'HUP' to a running proxy reloads only the configuration files
   but does not update blocks. Since I'm running an offline proxy here,
   sending HUP did not fetch any blocks.
   You have to use 'ALRM' instead

d) Can the options 'logfiledups' and 'logfiledupsrotation' be documented?
   Their names seem to be quite self-explanatory, but can anyone confirm
   what they are for?

e) What purpose has the option 'proxyoverridemsg'?

f) Option workperiod is not present - removed? 
   The default of 30 seconds is more than annoying and gives an enormous
   output, which could easily be suppressed.

Not everything may be correct, since I only browsed through the strings in
the binary, but at least point a) and c) should be documented!

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