[PROXYPER] pproxy as a service for win9x

Patriiiiiiiiiick Patrick.Smart at advalvas.be
Fri Jan 15 00:51:39 EST 1999

At 02:09 14/01/99 +0100, Patrick wrote:
>i think it just takes an entry in the registery
>install the latest client as a service on the same machine, go in the reg.
>and do a search on "rc5des" as value or key and you should find where it is
>you can then try to add another entry for the pproxy
>warning : backup your registery before and make sure you have emergency disk
>ready, you should not need them, but better safe than sorry.

It takes me five seconds to go to the right place in the registry (faster 
than the search!), I mean I know it.

At 08:33 14/01/99 +0100, Oyvind wrote:
 >Probarbly not I'm afraid... The old GUI PerProxy could run as a
 >service on Win9x, but I'm quite unsure if the 30x proxies will..
 >Have you tried adding the neccesary registry key???

I have tried with the one of the 'run service' or 'run' key (don't 
remember, maybe both), it works but the proxy refuses the -hide option 
anyway. When trying the -install option, it refuses which is normal because 
it not made for it. I could use another program to hide the proxy's window 
(there are plenty of such tools) but it not really clean and optimal (one 
more process is more CPU time used is less CPU time for D.N's client).

To have an idea, are there many people over here that want to have the 
possibility to install the pproxy as a service on a win9x system? I suggest 
you to reply to this last question directly to me to avoid mailbombing the 
proxyper list. I will put a summary of your answers in one message on the list.

Thank you for the effort!



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