Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Fri Jan 15 01:43:35 EST 1999

Both the client and the proxy may update their ini files to reflect
various state changes, such as random generation space numbers, timed
update values, and contest open/closed flags.  If you are not following
current events, there have been two DES test contests over the last two
weeks, and the opening/closing of them and the changed timed update values
will cause the proxy and client to rewrite their ini file to record the
new values.

Trying to defeat the proxy or client's ability to modify its ini file is
possible by setting the file permissions to deny writes, however this will
result in your proxy/client being unable to accomodate necessary changes
in contest statuses and will increase the likelyhood that work that your
clients are doing is invalid and uncounted (by processing work from an old
contest, a closed contest, or from a non-open keyspace, or similar).

Assuming that you are indeed referring to a proxyper.ini file being
modified, I can further make the guess that you are running a build 300+
proxy and that you believe you have disabled DES by setting the "allowdes"
line in the ini file to 0.  However, this option is actually unimplemented
in the 300+ proxies (I discovered this upon you sending this message).
Its presence in the default shipping ini file was unintentional and will
be removed from the next version of the proxy's ini file until it is
actually implemented.

If you are so intimate about not participating in the DES competition, you
are welcome to explicitly disable DES on each of your clients, or set your
minready & maxready to 0 on your proxy, or revert to a 280 proxy and
disable DES with the allowdes option.

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On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Mike Morrow wrote:

> For the second time this week, I have found that my .INI files have been
> changed to request and process DES blocks and that's what the NT clients
> are doing.  
> The W95 client is staying put on RC5.  All the NT clients are running as
> services.
> Who is forcing this to happen.  I don't choose to participate in DES, yet
> someone out there is forcing this to true which forces the client to stop
> processing RC5 blocks and start processing DES blocks.
> This is my choice, not yours, whoever you are.  Please stop it or tell me
> how to lock this down.

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