[PROXYPER] Problem with Solaris 2.6 (SPARC) proxyper 302

Marty Hoff martang at eti.com
Fri Jan 15 14:37:33 EST 1999

I'm having trouble with running proxyper-302.  I was previously running
build 280 without any troubles.   I can't find the message that I was getting
because it has already scrolled off the top of my screen past my scrollback
buffer, but the behavior is that I have to stop the proxy, then run the
-repair option and restart the proxy.  

I saw in the readme that this was suggested to be done often, but I must
admit I don't understand why this would need to be done all the time since
none of the previous versions have this problem.

If this indeed should need to get done every day, I suppose I can write a
script to shut it down periodically, run -repair, and then restart it, but
that seems a big pain.  Or I could just go back to running build 280 instead.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


(new to this list -- is there an archive of it somewhere?)

Marty Hoff                   martang at eti.com 
Associate Manager of System Administration   
Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc.  

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