[PROXYPER] Services under Win95 and the proxy

patriiiiiiiiiick Patrick.Smart at advalvas.be
Sat Jan 16 22:14:12 EST 1999

(I hope that this mail won't get many times in the list! If so, please 
excuse me for the inconvenience but I had some problems ...)

At 21:26 14/01/99 -0800, you wrote:
>In any case, there are no plans to provide any type of built-in service or
>hidden-mode execution nor logout-survivability of the proxy on win95/98.

I have already received 3 positive answers to my "poll"...

If you too would like to have the possibility to have a pseudo-service (!) 
for win95/98 for the pproxy, mail me (directly!) your opinion! A summary 
will be put on this mailing list.

>The proxy really needs to run on a machine intended for server-activities,
>and not on a machine being used as user-workstation to the extent that its
>presence needs to be hidden to avoid interactions with the user.

Why allowing the use of it on a win95/98 system then?

>This is
>in addition to the fact that Win95 and Win98 do not provide a reliable
>enough environment (relative to NT) for uptime-critical applications, such
>as server applications, that are subject to potentially extensive
>data-loss or downtime of service provision.

This is not a reason for not offering the opportunity to use a -hide option.


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