[PROXYPER] Services under Win95 and the proxy

Rob Rogers rrogers at naisp.net
Sat Jan 16 18:14:59 EST 1999

patriiiiiiiiiick wrote:
> >The proxy really needs to run on a machine intended for server-activities,
> >and not on a machine being used as user-workstation to the extent that its
> >presence needs to be hidden to avoid interactions with the user.
> Why allowing the use of it on a win95/98 system then?

Just because a computer is running win95/98 doesn't mean that it is a
user-workstarion. I've got a lower end pentium running win95 and being
used as a print server. It would make a perfect computer for running a
proxy on. No one ever uses it as a workstation. It doesn't have a
million incompatible programs running on it that causes windows to
become unstable (It's the only win95 computer I can think of that I've
seen with an uptime of over 3 months.) If it had a modem I'd probably be
running my proxy on it.
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