[PROXYPER] Repost:Telling when connection has finished.

wizard01 at bellatlantic.net wizard01 at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jan 17 00:31:12 EST 1999

Ya COULD just use diald and let it time out in say 3 minutes or so. 
OR if you want to do the right thing, the default ports I see 
configured as 2064 and 3064 (unless you're doing http, socks, etc). 
Set diald to listen on the port(s) you're connecting with and let it 
disconnect after 1-2 minutes of inactivity.

> Hi all,
> This is a repost of a question I asked a few days ago, before my subscription was completed. Could anyone who answered this question please re-send them to me.  Sorry for the nuisance
> I've just installed a pproxy on a linux PC that will eventually serve up to 120 PC's plus sundry other machines (IBM RS6000 F50, and other PC suitable only for holding doors open).
> The Linux PC has an ISDN dialup connection to the internet.  The pproxy is running in 'offline' mode, and I am going to issue a SIGALRM in my ip-up script.  What I need to know is how do I know when the pproxy has finished talking to the pukka proxy @ d.net, and therefore finished with the 
phone line.
> I apologise if this is a FAQ, but as the PC's are already being rolled out, I need an answer soon.
> Thanks,
> Gary
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