[PROXYPER] Analyzer 5.0 : Answers from the authors

Mark Renfer mri at netsec.ch
Mon Jan 18 00:27:54 EST 1999

Thanks for all those mails...... :-)

First, sorry for the wrong version of the analyzer in the ZIP
files. Only the ".exe" was updated. For the problem with
the new default file names of the 3.x proxies: Those filenames
have been added to the analyzer.

For those who have never used the analyzer before:
It is a tool to analyze the log files of the personal proxies,
both Unix and Win32. It runs on NT, Win95 and Win98.
The collected data can be displayed in various graphs
and lists.

Download & Information location: www.netsec.ch

May we all have a quick start !       Mark

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