[PROXYPER] 302 solaris proxy corruption and locking

Bryan Talbot btalbot at ucsd.edu
Sun Jan 17 18:09:02 EST 1999

<annoyed mode>
So when can we expect to see working 30x proxies for SPARC Solaris?  The 302
build corrupts it's own buffer files way too often for me to want to baby
sit it.  Not only that, but someone rebooted the machine it was running on
today and I had to remove the buffer files to get the proxy restarted!
That's 2000 rc5 blocks!  The proxy kept complaining that the buffer files
were locked and there doesn't appear to be a command to unlock them.
 The -repair option just kept failing because the buffers coulnd't be

I think I'm going to be forced to fall back to the old proxy and just loose
the "fast start" feature for the machines I proxy for ... which accounts for
well over 100M DES kps.
</annoyed mode>


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