[PROXYPER] Will someone *please* increase the RC5 maxready limits?

Andrew Donkin ard at scms.waikato.ac.nz
Mon Jan 18 17:18:09 EST 1999

Just when I thought my worries were over, I see:

	Invalid rc564 maxready value!  Setting to 10000. 

Ten thousand RC5 keys lasts me less than seven hours, but I need to go 16
hours without flushing.

After DES-III, of course, could the proxy authors please increase the RC5
maxready value so that I don't have to piggyback the 300 proxies as I did
the 280s?

Please note that I'm only talking RC5 here.  The DES buffers only store
about half an hour's worth of DES keys.

Thanks -

Andrew Donkin                                           Technical Support
School of Computing and Maths, Waikato University, Hamilton,  New Zealand
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