[PROXYPER] Funny key/sec calc

Marcin Sochacki wanted at panda.bg.univ.gda.pl
Tue Jan 19 09:02:11 EST 1999

On Tue, Jan 19, 1999 at 03:57:11PM +1100, bryan collins wrote:
> I was just taking a look at my pproxy and noticed some strange reporting.
> The lines below are sequential, i.e no blocks were received during each
> status report.
> The 3rd last statusline shows me doing 39.1 Mkeys/sec, and previous ones
> showing it drop, which is fair enough, no new blocks received.
> But the 2nd last one, shows 40.1 30 seconds later, but no new blocks
> Then it goes back down again to 39.7 in the next 30 seconds.
> Did i receive some mystery blocks? or is it a confidence booster? :-)

Nope - it's just because the pproxy uses the 'sliding average' to count
this value. Normally it is equal to 30 minutes and you can change it in
.ini file:

The problem is explained in readme.txt file found in pproxy directory.


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