[PROXYPER] Proxy ignores DESII Blocks?

Heinz Saathoff hsaat at bre.ipnet.de
Tue Jan 19 09:18:33 EST 1999

I've just checked my proxy console log and found the following
lines in the pconsole-log:

01/19/99 01:37:33, Client requesting communication
01/19/99 01:37:33, assigned desII 0007a592:00000000, iter 1
01/19/99 01:37:33,Ignoring desII done block from x86-win32-7104 client.
01/19/99 01:37:33, ignored desII 0007a5c9:c0000000, iter 4

Is the 7104 client not allowed to communicate with the proxy? The build
is relative new I think?
BTW, I just upgraded to the 7105 build.


Heinz Saathoff, Bremen
E-Mail : hsaat at bre.ipnet.de

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