[PROXYPER] many questions about blocks with pproxy

patriiiiiiiiiick Patrick.Smart at advalvas.be
Tue Jan 19 20:10:12 EST 1999


Here are some affirmations (that I ask you to tell me if they are true) and 
questions. I put them on separate lines for easier answer. I haven't found 
any FAQ with these. Maybe I didn't search well. Otherwise, I think some of 
them should be in a FAQ.

There is no way to tell the pproxy what size of blocks it should fetch.

When the client asks the pproxy a block of a certain size, the pproxy 
"makes" a block of the appropriate size.

When the client flushes its blocks, the pproxy reassembles (when 
implemented ==> not 303 yet) them if possible (same participant, ...) into 
bigger blocks.

What is the size of blocks the pproxy exchanges with the outside?

When does the activity of a pproxy becomes perceptible on a normal modem 
line (e.g. 33.6 kbps)? How many machines or what total speed?

What is the interest then of asking big blocks from the clients, apart from 
decreasing the disk and LAN traffic (negligible, I presume)?

Thank you for your help!

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