[PROXYPER] 10000 limit for blocks

WINKELMANS Gunther Gunther.WINKELMANS at is.belgacom.be
Fri Jan 22 10:19:02 EST 1999


A few weeks ago someone had the same question and somebody else suggested 
to "chain" perproxies - each one being able to hold 10.000 blocks. I 
haven't tried it myself but I think it's gonna be a big configuration 
hassle if you want to run them on the same machine, better run them on 
separate machines.

Also you could create a script that controls only one perproxy and does the 
1. (on fridays) start the perproxy; fill one buffin with 10K blocks; stop 
the perproxy; rename the buffin;
2. repeat step 1 until you have enough blocks for the weekend;
3. (during the weekend) start the perproxy;when the buffin is empty stop 
the perproxy; 
4. rename one of your spare buffins; rename your buffout; go back to step 1 
until you arrive;
5. stop the perproxy and the script; 
6. open your connection with the internet; and start a script similar to 
step 1 but this time to flush all you buffouts.

Let us know on the list what configurations you've tried and what results 
you've had. 

There has been a discussion some time ago about perproxies no longer 
accepting or no longer handing out blocks under certain conditions, so I'm 
not even sure all this is going to work.

Best Regards,
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From: Tony Basoglu <tonyb at null.net>, on 22/01/99 8:03:
To: SMTP at MASTER.PER@BELGACOM[<proxyper at lists.distributed.net>]

Is there a way to raise the 10000 limit that is imposed on the personal

I'm on a very intermittent network, and have to connect by hand, and
currently I'm doing about 11,000 blocks per day.  Over the weekends
(when I'm not at work) this will be higher obviously, and I really hate
doing random keys :-)

I have access to even more client machines, but I dont want to online
these machines until I can sort out the proxy situation...

Alternatively:  Can I start multiple copies of the proxy on the same
machine (with different port #'s of course) running from seperate

Proxy is running on an NT platform.


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