[PROXYPER] Firwall blocks IP addresses

Don Davis djtech7 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 05:03:35 EST 1999

---Karl Gramp <kgramp at adl.csc.com.au> wrote:
> Our firewall blocks explicit IP addresses.
> That is when the address is just numbers, not a name.
> I know most of the addresses for block servers map to
> many IP addresses.
> Is it possible the reason I can't get through our firewall
> using HTTP mode is because the name address is mapped to a IP
> address and then it gets refused by the firewall?
> Is there a way around this?

I don't think your problem is IP address.  The HTTP proxy is broken in
the new PProxy (I tried all 30x series on a squid proxy here at work).
 I would suggest  going back to 28x series for now, until things are
rectified.  I still have a 1 meg out buffer from when I was trying out
the new PProxy's.
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