[PROXYPER] Proxyper not accepting connections.

TiAMO metutu at max.drigon.com
Sun Jan 24 15:12:58 EST 1999

>I suspect the problem is really that you have the connectperiod set so
>short that it leaves no time for clients to connect.  The proxy is single
>threaded with all operations (except DNS lookups) performed in
>non-blocking operation.  If the proxy is busy attempting to do a DNS
>resolve, the resolution will not time out until the OS-defined timeout
>occurs.  By that time, the connectperiod may have already passed, and the
>proxy will immediately decide that it needs to try another connection
>The resolution is to set your connectperiod larger, or set the proxy in
>offline (or lurkonly on win32) mode.

i had this same problem on my win32 pproxy and i have my connect over the LAN during work hours, night time it's off and i noticed that during the i-net off time the clients could'nt connect to the pproxy, i solved this by adding the IP's of the client boxes to the c:\windows\hosts file so that the pproxy could do a DNS lookup even when the i-net connect was down that shuld work if ya would add the IP's and the DNS names in the /etc/hosts file in linux as well ..

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