[PROXYPER] [AUTO-REPLY] I'm ignoring you

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu at magma.ca
Wed Jan 27 18:22:01 EST 1999

Re: "RE: [PROXYPER] Proxyper not accepting connections."

You've received this mail because I've received unsolicited adverts from
your site in the past.  If you really want to get in touch with me, you
can send me mail with the word "brainfart" in the subject line.  This will
not be filtered out by this program.  I'm sorry to be forced to use this
kind of technique, but I'm just fed up of receiving junk mail.

If you used the password (all in lower case as above), and you still
got this message then congratulations - you appear to be on the very
select list of people that I never want to hear from ever.  


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