[PROXYPER] setting up proxy 308 inside a firewall

Obwnken0b at aol.com Obwnken0b at aol.com
Tue Jul 13 21:08:35 EDT 1999

I need help setting this up if anyone can send an INI configuration file it 
would be really helpful. . .I downloaded the 308 proxy and was:

1. unable to get it to fetch any blocks
2. unable to negotiate (connect) to the keyserver. . .I was able, however, to 
get the client on the server to find "rc5des.phile.com.au". . .the other 
clients are finding the us27 site.
3.  ignorant as to what I need to do to get machines inside the firewall to 
request from the proxy

Currently, the machines inside the firewall are using http tunneling to 
fetch/flush, but due to an erratic web connection, they are overruning 
thresholds occasionally. . .

The server is NT 4.0 using Microsoft proxy server. . .any more information 
needed will be supplied as required. . .

Help would be appreciated. . .
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