[PROXYPER] Personal Proxy for OS/2 doesn't fetch blocks

Teemu Mannermaa wicked at clinet.fi
Thu Jul 22 21:10:45 EDT 1999

I use (or rather would use) Personal Proxy for servicing few
non-connected computers on my intranet. Only problem is that it doesn't
fetch any blocks. It just creates empty pprc5in.rc5 and pprc5out.rc5
(same for DES too) and just sits there displayging status message. If a
client tries to retrieve blocks from it, only thing that happens is
that the personal proxy says that it accepted client connection, client
retrieved proxy status and then the connection terminates. (probably
because there is no blocks to retrieve?)

Here is the start up log for the personal proxy:

07/18/99 09:03:14,Initializing distributed.net Personal Proxy (build
07/18/99 09:03:14,Visit http://www.distributed.net/FAQ/ for details.
07/18/99 09:03:14,Proxy starting up.
07/18/99 09:03:14,Verbosity set to: all (-1)
07/18/99 09:03:14,rc564-in: limits adjusted to min 0, max 20
07/18/99 09:03:14,rc564-dupe: resized to historybuf 31, dupebuf 15
07/18/99 09:03:14,desII-in: limits adjusted to min 0, max 20
07/18/99 09:03:14,desII-dupe: resized to historybuf 31, dupebuf 15
07/18/99 09:03:14,Server connectivity mode is lurkonly
07/18/99 09:03:14,Loaded 0 ignoredip addresses from ini file
07/18/99 09:03:14,Loaded 0 allowedip addresses from ini file
07/18/99 09:03:14,Primary listener bound to (all devices):2064
07/18/99 09:03:14,rc564 r=0/20, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
07/18/99 09:03:14,desII r=0/20, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0

And it then displays the status thingy over and over and nothing else.
Just like you can see, the build is 308 and I run it under OS/2. Is the
OS/2 version working at all or is this a very buggy alpha/beta version
only? http://www.distributed.net/proxies.html says that the OS/2
version is "under construction". So, is this version supposed to work
at all? I found it from the ftp.distributed.net FTP server. By the way,
what is the 308a build that is available at the FTP server? Is there a
fix for some problem in the OS/2 version or what? I would test it
myself but the 308a distribution package is corrupted when I retrieve
it from the FTP server.

I use the proxy in lurkonly mode:

07/19/99 01:50:31,desII r=0/50, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
07/19/99 02:01:04,Connection detected on 'ppp0'...
07/19/99 02:20:32,rc564 r=0/50, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
07/19/99 02:20:32,desII r=0/50, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
07/19/99 02:41:08,Connection lost and will not be re-initiated.
07/19/99 02:50:33,rc564 r=0/50, d=0/3, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0

It seems it find the connection just fine. It just doesn't do anything.
Only thing I notices was that it took quite long to detect the
connection on ppp0 interface. Normal client on the same machine
detected it almost immediately it was available. Could be because the
pproxy is watching all interface. It would be nice if it could be
limited to ppp0 interface just like the client can be.

What could be wrong here? Should the OS/2 pproxy work in lurk mode or
not? If yes, what configuration option I should look into to fix the
problem? Why does it adjust the rc564-in limits? I have set it to 10
min and 20 max in the config file. Thanks for any advice you can give
Wicked Jack, wicked at clinet.fi, http://www.pp.clinet.fi/%7ewicked/

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