[PROXYPER] Weekly Connections

Tim Bishop timbishop at bigfoot.com
Fri Jul 23 02:40:06 EDT 1999


I am running the latest Personal Proxy on RH Linux 6.0. I have until now had
a cron job sending an ALRM signal on a daily basis to send my keys out. I
have decided that it is a bit excessive to connect every day, as I'm not
that bothered about stats, and it'll save on the phone bill. The problem is
that I will produce something in the region of 14000-20000 blocks a week,
and this is more than the proxy will allow. I gather it has a 'failsafe' if
you set a value higher than 1000, and somehow evaluates how many you would
need for 3-4 days. I need it to let me have enough for say 7-14 days, but I
don't see how I can do this.

My possible solution is to run more than one proxy server on my linux
machine, but this seems excessive.

Any thoughts ?


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