[PROXYPER] Personal Proxy Statistics 7.0

Kevin Pesce kpesce at maine.rr.com
Wed Jul 28 18:45:55 EDT 1999


Personal Proxy Statistics 7.0 for the Bovine RC5-64 contest has been
released. If you run a personal proxy, ou can download your copy of
ppstats from http://usmcug.usm.maine.edu/rc5/stats/

ppstats-rc5 7.0 requires Perl and GNUPlot. Both are available for all UNIX
platforms, and also Windows. Full instructions are included with the
ppstats archive.

Version 7.0 adds many new features, most of important of which are a
command line -debug switch, a seperate INI file for user settings, and
movement arrows that track rank change for a user-defined number of days.

This addresses many of the more popular requests since version 6.8

Thanks, and enjoy!

Kevin M. Pesce
Public Email: mailto:kpesce at netscape.net
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