[PROXYPER] Trouble with DUN

DHSinclair dx7 at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 29 00:05:22 EDT 1999

I have had a bug return after one year. I have a machine that connects to
the net via a dial-up connection to my ISP via DUN (1.2b). This connection
uses a Dial-up Adapter. This machine also contains the perproxy v280 and an
RC5 client (2.7106.435). My proxy serves 4 machines. These connections , I
believe, take place via the Intel NIC using TCP/IP and has an IP address
assigned. I also have a "hosts" file installed in each machine at

Whenever I shutdown and restart either the perproxy or the client on this
machine, a DUN connection to my ISP opens also, and the proxy or client halt
until I address the connectoid window. This window is formatted very
differently than the normal connectoid window I am used to. I've never seen
this window formatted as presented.

I have all clients set to run on a "private LAN." This bug just reappeared,
I suspect, after I upgraded the Windows 95a OS to Windows 95b (osr2). I
initially tried DUN1.3, but it was too unstable. I have reverted to DUN

I have tried everything I can think of, but the proxy and the client
continue to engage the DUN connectoid for my ISP when launched. Can anyone
help me disconnect my RC5 operations from the DUN connectoid?

Thank you,

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