[PROXYPER] 443b linux won't speak with sunos5.6 406, still.

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Wed Jun 2 05:13:34 EDT 1999

A problem regarding a bit ordering problem has been discovered in the
solaris proxy.  There will be an updated release soon.

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On 2 Jun 1999, Andrew Donkin wrote:

> "Eivind Bengtsson" <eivind at bengtsson.dk> writes:
> > We can eliminate the possibilities..
> > It has AFAIK nothing to do whith your proxy...
> > the client tells that it doesn't have networking possibilities...
> > it wont be able to fetch or flush.
> > Have you tried to ping other machines from your linux-box??
> > have you closed the 2064 port for communication og the linux-box??
> > please give more information on the linux-box...
> My apologies, I skipped many of the details because I had already posted
> them on May 24, when I found the same problem with client 442.  I was
> disappointed to find that it wasn't fixed in 443 or 443b.
> The client machine is fine.  Client 432 is working on it as expected;
> it's just the 442+ clients that fail to communicate.
> Also, the Solaris proxy reports the following when the Linux 442 and 443b
> client attempts to fetch and flush:
> 	Client: Accepted connection with x.x.x.x
> 	Client: x.x.x.x is requesting server status
> 	Client x.x.x.x has ended communications.
> 	Client: Closing client connection with x.x.x.x
> So the client is connecting, having a h*ll of a problem, then giving up.
> The client is running Slackware 3.6, 2.2.7, libc 5.4.46 with 2.0.7
> runtime.  It is also proxying 50k keys/day through a 304 proxy.  Good
> networking.
> The test proxy was running SunOS 5.6.

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