[PROXYPER] 443b linux won't speak with sunos5.6 406, still.

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Thu Jun 3 11:58:15 EDT 1999

On 2 Jun 1999, Andrew Donkin wrote:

> Has anybody been able to make a 442, 443, or 443b Linux client speak with
> a Solaris 406 proxy?  It always tells me:
> 	"Network services are not available or not supported.
> 	--fetch and --flush services are not available."
> The client is v2.7112-443-dev-CTR-99053016, from
> rc5des443b-linux-x86-mt-libc5.tar.gz.
> The proxy is from proxyper306-sunos56-sparc.tar.gz.
> The problem seems to be in the Solaris build, because Linux clients can
> connect to the Linux 306 proxy as expected.

Once again: All these problems are fixed now. Basically it was a sort
of endianess problem in certain bitmask that caused big-endian
machines read the bits the other way around than little-endian
machines. (no, your blocks are safe, it was a little error in the
part where the client receives info if the contests are not closed,
the client accidentely got the info that all contests were closed.

Expect new clients and proxies soon.


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