[PROXYPER] Lurk and lurkonly modes under Win2000

Nicholas Memphis nickms at com2com.ru
Sun Jun 6 14:24:08 EDT 1999

Dear Personal Proxy users,

I'm running the Win32 Personal Proxy build 306 under Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)
beta 3, build 2031. I prefer to run the proxy in hidden mode, i.e. as the NT
service. I have the dial-up access to the Internet. The problem I found is
that the Personal Proxy doesn't seem to detect the Internet connection
correctly. After establishing the connection the PProxy (running in lurkonly
mode) simply does nothing. In short, lurkonly becomes similar to offline
mode. Running it in lurk mode is likely running it in online mode - it just
tries to make the outgoing server connections in the connectperiod intervals
(600 seconds by default). So, currently I can only run the PProxy either in
online mode as the NT service, or windowed in offline mode, doing the manual
forced server connections.

Can anyone tell me, is this the problem of PProxy 306 itself, or just the
compatibility issue with Win2000?


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