[PROXYPER] Lurk and lurkonly modes under Win2000

Ian imanners at ibm.net
Mon Jun 7 09:51:52 EDT 1999

>Am  6 Jun 99 hast Du folgendes geschrieben:
> I'm running the Win32 Personal Proxy build 306 under Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)
> beta 3, build 2031. I prefer to run the proxy in hidden mode, i.e. as the NT
> service. I have the dial-up access to the Internet. The problem I found is
> that the Personal Proxy doesn't seem to detect the Internet connection
> correctly. After establishing the connection the PProxy (running in lurkonly
> mode) simply does nothing.
Running the OS/2 proxy I have the same problem BUT if I control-Break
it before connecting (a pain), and then start it again after connecting,
it works fine but I do have to do it every time. I think its linking
with my network TCPIP, and once its done this, it cant use internet
TCPIP properly until its restarted.


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