[PROXYPER] Pproxy 306 for Linux

Mathieu ARNOLD arn_mat at club-internet.fr
Tue Jun 8 13:20:25 EDT 1999

Kai Schmidt wrote:
> On 07.06.99, 21:14:23 Jack Cummings wrote:
> >> proxy. I am running my proxy under linux as I don't have a permanent link
> >> to
> >> the net I would like to run the proxy in offline mode.
> >> Any ideas?
> > Grab a program like diald.
> I am connetcted through a router, so diald is useless for me.

make the output threshold bigger than it will never ever go, so it won't try
to connect.
my input in 1000 and my output in 4000.
and it does not try to connect unless i give it a sigalrm signal.

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