[PROXYPER] proxyper-304-os2-x86.zip: no .ini file

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Jun 10 21:00:29 EDT 1999

Friedemann Baitinger wrote:
> subject zip file does not contain a .ini file. 

errr... there's not supposed to be an INI in the file... you create it
when you config the client...

> As far as I was able to determine, this zip archive contains
> the most current version of the rc5 personal proxy for OS/2.
> Is the .ini file compatible with the linux proxyper-306? If
> yes, I'd just copy that one over to my OS/2.

from what i've seen, most of them are compatible... indeed... i set up
my OS/2 client several weeks before i set up any of my windoze
clients... when i set them up, i did simply copy the ini file over and
then ran the config option to verify things and to alter slightly the
>From name for the emailed logs so i could tell which machine was doing
what... when i set up my Red Hat Linux 4.1 (Vanderbilt) box, i didn't
even bother with trying to start with a preconfigured ini... i just
created a new one from the git-go... t'ain't all that complicated and
with my machines being all right here close by, t'was nothing to take
one of them into the config setup and just duplicate it in the linux

one of the first things i thought of was the "end of line" character
differences between the OS/2 (dos and win also) and linux systems...

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