[PROXYPER] perproxy-306 (linux) generates heavy CPU load

Friedemann Baitinger fb at baiti.net
Fri Jun 11 08:33:06 EDT 1999

during 'Client: Sent rc564...' and 'Client: Received...' operations (at
least that's what I can see in the console log) the proxy (linux)
consumes a lot of CPU bandwidth. On a machine which is otherwise idle
except running the proxy and an rc5 client of course. The CPU usage is
split between the proxy and the client like 70%/30%. The machine is a
166MHz Pentium but using 70% CPU load doesn't seem to be realistic just
for handling low bandwidth internet traffic over a T1 line. Any ideas?
Does the proxy do any compute intensive processing with the blocks
before it sends'em to its upstream?

BTW: I was running a 28x proxy until recently and never observed such
behaviour. (when I terminated it, the 28x had an uptime of 155 days) 

Friedemann Baitinger       fb at baiti.net      http://baiti.net/fb

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