[PROXYPER] New Personal Proxy release, build 308: symbol snprintf not found

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Tue Jun 15 13:23:36 EDT 1999

On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Eckhard Ruediger wrote:

> the 308 proxy proxyper308-solaris25-sparc.tar.gz under Solaris 5.5.1 just
> gives 'symbol snprintf: referenced symbol not found' although it's contained
> in /usr/lib/libc.so.

On June 14 (Monday) 1999, at 11:55:03 +0200, Andreas Kahari wrote:
>I'm able to run the proxy, but it won't connect to the keyservers
>(euro). Sending ALRM to it makes it say "*Alarm* Forcing server
>connection."  but it won't connect.
>I'm using Solaris 5.7.

Both problems are solved now. It seems that a lot of Solarises do not
have a library with vsnprintf, so we compiled the proxy without

And the ALRM was broken by accident, a little typo, it's fixed again.

Expect new 308's (probably 308a or maybe 309) to hit the ftp-sites


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