[PROXYPER] stable build?

Andreas Kahari andreas at tdb.uu.se
Tue Jun 15 18:19:45 EDT 1999

Yes, or as in my case, to reduce the load on my network (many running
clients). It's simply better to have the clients communicate with the
perproxy (or full proxies) a little less often.

Also, it keeps the logfiles smaller... ;-)


On June 16 (Wednesday) 1999, at 01:04:15 +1200, Jonathan Ah Kit wrote:
>I must be keeping myself in the wrong circles, but I've been hearing much of
>this new block size (right jargon?) without actually knowing much behind it.
>In short, why larger-than-2^31? Can I throw a spanner in the works and guess
>that it's for the faster CPUs among us...?
>Jonathan :)

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