[PROXYPER] linux personal proxy 306 performance and load?

Friedemann Baitinger fb at baiti.net
Tue Jun 15 22:46:52 EDT 1999

recently I upgraded from a 28x proxy to 306 and there are a couple of
things which I don't understand:

  1) The rate at which the proxy hands out new blocks to clients is very
     low. I get about one 'Client: Sent' line per second scrolling
     through the console log. In addition, while handing out keys to the
     clients, the proxy uses a lot of CPU bandwidth. (I have reported
     this before but got no answer yet)

  2) Receiving keys from the clients is also very slow. Approx. 1
     'Client: Received' line per second in the console log.

Since some of the clients need to do costly dialups in order to perform
their fetch/flush operations, I'd appreciate if the downstream in- and
out-bound datarate could be improved. As far as I remember, the 28x
proxy was much faster on those operations.

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