ou-of-office (was:Re: [PROXYPER] proxyper-304-os2-x86.zix: no .i

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Jun 15 23:00:12 EDT 1999

Hermann Roth wrote:
> Hallo waldo kitty!
> Am 11 Jun 99 hast Du folgendes geschrieben:
> [..]
> > oh yes, isn't there something this list can do about these "out of
> > office" autoresponders??? i don't write to anyone except the lists...
> > those things are pretty annoying, to say the least...
> Hmm. Setting the listserver to add a line "Precedence: bulk" to each
> listmail might help. The reply-program shouldn't reply to these mails.

hummm... wonder what it'd take to get that done... i just checked the
headers of several list messages and don't see any precedence line in
them at all...

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