[PROXYPER] Lurk and lurkonly modes in build 308

Nicholas Memphis nickms at com2com.ru
Thu Jun 17 08:59:41 EDT 1999

Dear Personal Proxy users,

Not so long time ago I posted the message here regarding the trouble using
lurk and lurkonly modes in win32 personal proxy, build 306. As I was told,
it was the problem of the proxy itself, not the compatibility issues with
Win2000 beta3 I use.

So, since build 308 was out, I downloaded and installed it immediately.
Well, this issue seems resolved at first sight. Indeed, now it's able to
detect the Internet connection properly. But here's what I found: it works
*only* when running in the window, and *not* as the NT service. When it runs
as the NT service, it just doesn't attempt to make the outgoing server
connection every 10 minutes (the default connect period) when I'm online, as
if its communication mode was set to offline. So, in order to run it as the
NT service, I still have to run it in the online mode.

-- Nick

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