[PROXYPER] proxyper308-linux-x86 awfully slow

Friedemann Baitinger fb at baiti.net
Sat Jun 19 10:30:41 EDT 1999

I have reported the following situation twice already but never got any
feedback so far so let me try again by rephrasing the problem:

I'm currently running subject proxy and when a client connects in order
to fetch blocks, the client displays lines like:

09:07:31 UTC] Retrieved RC5 block 11 of 21 (52.38% transferred)

The speed at which the '11' approaches the '21' in the example above is
1/s. The client connects to the server on the same LAN. I'd expect at
least a factor of 20. Is '1/s' a 'works as designed'? I can hardly
believe this. I'm considering to fallback to a 28x proxy because this
problem did not exist there. Those clients which contact my proxy via
dialup connections have to be online for 500 seconds in order to fill
the buffers plus the time to flush what they have already processed, so
let's say roughly 10 minutes to do the job, that's clearly too much in a
country where the telco still charges approx $1.5/h local call connect

Is anybody else experiencing the same situation?

BTW: while clients retrieve blocks at this slow speed, the proxy
consumes substantial CPU load. I don't understand what's so compute
intensive for the proxy to hand out blocks? Could anybody comment on
this please?

Friedemann Baitinger       fb at baiti.net      http://baiti.net/fb

Now where did I put that fire extinguisher?

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