[PROXYPER] perproxy-308-linux, observation

Friedemann Baitinger fb at baiti.net
Wed Jun 23 18:31:01 EDT 1999


 o  Subject proxy on my machine is in a state like:

    rc564 r=16746/20000, d=3896/500

 o  Connectivity to the internet is broken somewhere outside of my

 o  A client (in my LAN) connects in order to flush/fetch a couple of

In this situation right after the client connects to the perproxy, the
perproxy feels obliged to first connect to its upstream proxy and while
trying so (and waiting for the timeout to occur) the client hangs and
cannot continue to crunch blocks. The timeout is rather long, around 1
min or so.

There is no reason why the perproxy could not honor the client's
fetch/flush request, release the client, and then try to contact its
upstream proxy.

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