[PROXYPER] Bug? Dupe source

dan carter motion at es.co.nz
Wed Mar 3 11:13:11 EST 1999

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999 19:36:40 +0000 (GMT), David Taylor wrote:
>> [Mar 02 13:27:26 UTC] Flush::Bad packet acknowledgement.
>THERE Is the problem.  The client receives a bad packet ack. That could
>be because the server was at maxkeysdone, and was trying to connect to a
>server, but I'm not sure. If this is the case, the proxy should
>still accept blocks over maxkeysdone, otherwise its a bit stupid.
>Then it does another block.
>Connects to the server, and flushes the (same) blocks (plus the new one)

I find that the proxy doesn't accept blocks while it is talking to a
full proxy.

Most of my clients on a fast lan connection don't have a problem
because they can send all there blocks in quickly, before the next
workperiod when the proxy will try to flush the blocks.

However my clients on a slow connection will flush blocks slowly, and
the workperiod will come while the client is still in the middle of
flushing.  When the work period comes the proxy will start connecting
to a full proxy, and the client will get 'Flush::Bad packet

This causes it to submit dupes the next time round.
Surely the proxy could be improved so that it doesn't ignore the
clients it is talking to when it needs to talk to a full proxy.


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