Mike Morrow serverguy at vallejonet.net
Mon Mar 8 11:53:56 EST 1999

A couple of updates to PProxyMon v3.04f at http://www.micratek.com

For my friends in countries other than the U.S.  The date display has been
changed to present the date in a better, hopefully correct, local format.
Some areas were experiencing a strange artifact due to ProxyPer not
honoring local date formats and PProxyMon honoring it.

You can now copy the results to the clipboard and paste it where you wish.

Another suggestion resulted in a display of the server send count and
minutes/send for the current day.  This can help you judge if you are
sending too often or not often enough.

Still looking for update suggestions at: mike at micratek.com

Thanks to all for the nice comments and update suggestions.

Mike Morrow

Mike Morrow

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