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Marjolijn van Xanten en/of Siebrand Mazeland mazeland at casema.net
Tue Mar 16 18:57:50 EST 1999


this can be done by making a network share to the box the perproxy is 
running on, so that you can access all files (both logs and ini) remotely, 
and by having it installed to run as a service, so that you can stop/start 
the perproxy service remotely. For viewing stats, you can use one of the 
available stats products on the perproxy download page.


I hope this has answered your question,


Siebrand Mazeland
smazeland at wall.nl

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I'm curious as to whether its possible to monitor the stats and maybe
even administrate the Proxy from a separate machine then what its
running on. I'm running the proxyper on an NT box. (there isn't much
else to do with it). And I would like to be able to administer it from
one of my personal machines.


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