[Re: [PROXYPER] Reloading the INI file on NT]

Dmitri Besedin nickms at com2com.ru
Fri Mar 19 20:19:57 EST 1999


Why stopping and starting the ProxyPer? Please don't think that there's no
way to force the INI reload (and server connection simultaneously). Just
make sure that the Proxy window is active and hit Ctrl-ScrollLock. That's
what I do *every morning*, since I set the connection mode to offline.
Ctrl-Break is INCORRECT combination, and it doesn't work.

However, I'd like to see the concept of signal sending, e.g. in the next
release of Windows NT (Win2000). I'm sure NT can send the signals. Here's
the pretty old example: run Quake.exe (from DOS version of iD Software's
Quake), which is incompatible with WinNT, and see what will happen. It'll
display something like "Exiting due to signal SIGSERV ... blah blah blah

If only there were the good KILL command that can send the signals... it'd
be much easier just to schedule the daily proxyper updates.


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> Thanks to all,
> I will stop and start then :-(
> Sebastien
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