[Re: [PROXYPER] Reloading the INI file on NT]

David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 19:34:18 EST 1999

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Dmitri Besedin wrote:

> Sebastien,
> Why stopping and starting the ProxyPer? Please don't think that there's no

Hello?  Even the proxy coder said that there is *no* way to force the INI
reload with the NT *service*.  With the services there is no window to
MAKE active.  Ctrl-[whatever] works with the normal version, but not when
you run it as a service.

> way to force the INI reload (and server connection simultaneously). Just
> make sure that the Proxy window is active and hit Ctrl-ScrollLock. That's
> what I do *every morning*, since I set the connection mode to offline.
> Ctrl-Break is INCORRECT combination, and it doesn't work.

Actually, I think Ctrl-Break => SIGHUP = Reload ini, and Ctrl-ScrLk =>
SIGALRM = Connect to server.  Although, I could be insanely wrong, as I
have never tried.
> However, I'd like to see the concept of signal sending, e.g. in the next
> release of Windows NT (Win2000). I'm sure NT can send the signals. Here's
> the pretty old example: run Quake.exe (from DOS version of iD Software's
> Quake), which is incompatible with WinNT, and see what will happen. It'll
> display something like "Exiting due to signal SIGSERV ... blah blah blah
> ...".
> If only there were the good KILL command that can send the signals... it'd
> be much easier just to schedule the daily proxyper updates.

Bah, why wait for windoze NT to support it when there are plenty of free,
stable, and *BETTER* OS's out there with full signal support already?  I'm
not trying to start a flame war on O/S's, but I just don't understand
people who insist on using Micro$oft O/S's even when they want all the
features from a *NIX operating system.. sheesh..

 --  If you want *NIX use *NIX!

David Taylor
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