[PROXYPER] Ver 304 vs Ver 280

Mark Hartley markh at delos.kcr.uky.edu
Fri Mar 19 15:26:57 EST 1999

Hello there.  I have been running a version 280 proxy on a Solaris 
2.6 sparc platform for quite a while.  I waited to update to the 30x 
series until it was deemed stable, as I cannot afford to have 
problems with the machine it is running on.  My question is whether 
the 304 proxy is stable, and also what benefits it will offer me to 
update to that version.  I had heard that the older proxies wouldn't 
allow new clients to connect, but I have numerous Win32 2.7105 
clients, and a few Win32 2.7106 clients, as well as some other older 
versions that all seem pleased to connect to the 280 proxy.  Is there 
something I am missing here?

I am checking my stats according to the stats server and it seems 
fairly consistent with the stats from my proxy logs.  

Thanks in advance.


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