[Re: [PROXYPER] Reloading the INI file on NT]

Janez Trenz janez.trenz at usa.net
Fri Mar 19 21:55:24 EST 1999

You should go to <http://www-rnks.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/~fsch/english/index.htm>. Look at Service Manager NT in NT Utilities. Great program. You can start or stop services on different computers over network. Even in different domains, if you have the rights to do so. 

Janez Trenz

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On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Dmitri Besedin wrote:

> Sebastien,
> Why stopping and starting the ProxyPer? Please don't think that there's no

Hello?  Even the proxy coder said that there is *no* way to force the INI
reload with the NT *service*.  With the services there is no window to
MAKE active.  Ctrl-[whatever] works with the normal version, but not when
you run it as a service.

> way to force the INI reload (and server connection simultaneously). Just
> make sure that the Proxy window is active and hit Ctrl-ScrollLock. That's
> what I do *every morning*, since I set the connection mode to offline.
> Ctrl-Break is INCORRECT combination, and it doesn't work.

Actually, I think Ctrl-Break => SIGHUP = Reload ini, and Ctrl-ScrLk =>
SIGALRM = Connect to server.  Although, I could be insanely wrong, as I
have never tried.

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