[PROXYPER] Completly hidden proxy on 98

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Sat Mar 20 12:51:46 EST 1999

Answer: This is no contest . Only selected people can receive these 
documents . and u r one of the few . my computer has selected to send it 
to it is not against regulations and i WILL NOT get fired

>From: "K.Peter Meyer" <kpm at ivolution.de>
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>Subject: Re: [PROXYPER] Completly hidden proxy on 98
>Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 12:28:50 +0100
>>Is there a way to run the win32 proxy on a 95 or 98 machine completely
>>hidden like the client can?  I have several machines at work that are 
>>for the TV cards, and that is about it.  If I could run the proxy
>>completely hidden on one, it would add a few thousand blocks a day to 
>>completed list.
>It is possible, ie. with the wstart.exe or something similar.
>But my question is: why hidden? is it, because you are not allowed to 
>the contest on your machines at work? I think it would be better - if 
>is the case - if you ask in advance. Getting fired may not be worth the
>If there are other causes: search for wstart.exe - it's the perfect
>companion for those tasks.
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