[PROXYPER] Multiple server ip's possible?

Meij Ewout MSM AD CH ewout.meij at cibasc.com
Wed Mar 24 13:00:00 EST 1999

The problem is proberbly that in Tom's config (like in mine) he can't
use dns NAMES, but needs to enter a fixed IP address (names get resolved
to or was it

To my knowledge (at that is confimed to be little) there is currently no
way you can config you're pproxy use multiple IP addresses.

Next release?
From: WINKELMANS Gunther
To: proxyper at lists.distributed.net
Subject: re: [PROXYPER] Multiple server ip's possible?
Date: Wednesday, 24. March 1999 11:47

1. D.Net used to have several round-robin aliases, but I can't find the
webpage with the complete list anymore. Try us.v27.distributed.net: your
perproxy should connect to another full proxy each time.
2. On the stats-page at D.Net there is a "proxy status" page:

best regards,
Original Text
From: Tom Cramer <drakino at usa.net>, on 24/03/99 11:10:
To: SMTP at MASTER.PER@BELGACOM[<proxyper at lists.distributed.net>]

Is there a way to allow the proxy to use multiple server ip's, so when
goes down, it can simply move to the next one?  My proxy has been
by the master it was using being down, as mine quickly ran out of blocks
and accumulated many done blocks, just because the proxy it tried to
to appears to be gone for a while.  Heres the logs late in the cycle:

03/24/99 09:49:56,rc564 r=0/2000, d=887/100, 1.4 Mkeys/sec, tot=1851
03/24/99 09:49:56,desII r=0/200, d=0/10, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
03/24/99 09:50:53,Creating outgoing server connection.
03/24/99 09:50:53,Server changed from state 0 to 1
03/24/99 09:50:53,Server changed from state 1 to 8
03/24/99 09:50:53,Server is no longer connected (reading).
03/24/99 09:50:53,server: Closing server connection.
03/24/99 09:53:11,Accepted connection from address 24.236.x.xx
03/24/99 09:53:12,24.236.x.xx: Client requesting communication
03/24/99 09:53:12,24.236.x.xx: Contest rc564 didn't handle a packet!
03/24/99 09:53:12,24.236.x.xx: Closing client connection.

What would even be better is some sort of way to know when a proxy was
down, or when my perproxy is having problems.  Had I not noticed my
on my desktop having fits about not getting a new block, I would have
noticed it, and for something that is supposed to be install and forget,
this hurts that idea bigtime when the network is disrupted.  (I'm
showing 3
proxy's on the proxy status page that have not been around for 3 or more

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