[PROXYPER] Multiple server ip's possible?

carterda at rapistan.com carterda at rapistan.com
Wed Mar 24 07:59:24 EST 1999

I've experienced this problem as well, and I don't think it's because the
server is down. In my case, this went on for about 3 days. I have a proxy
service at home as well, and it was unaffected. The only difference I had
between the two was the affected proxy used a telnet connection to go
through a firewall. Telnet's to the servers worked fine however.

Servers were assigned in a round robin fashion, so this reflected
connections to more than one. After about three days, it just started
working again. I suspect the problem may be in the proxy itself? Or maybe
in NT (gee, that would be a first!) ?

In my case, I tried both name and IP numbers in the config with no effect.
If there was a parameter that could be changed, I tried it. In the
meantime, the client I had running on the proxy machine had absolutely no
difficulty in connecting and transferring blocks. Strange, Wot?


Is there a way to allow the proxy to use multiple server ip's, so when one
goes down, it can simply move to the next one?  My proxy has been affected
by the master it was using being down, as mine quickly ran out of blocks
and accumulated many done blocks, just because the proxy it tried to talk
to appears to be gone for a while.  Heres the logs late in the cycle:

03/24/99 09:49:56,rc564 r=0/2000, d=887/100, 1.4 Mkeys/sec, tot=1851
03/24/99 09:49:56,desII r=0/200, d=0/10, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=0
03/24/99 09:50:53,Creating outgoing server connection.
03/24/99 09:50:53,Server changed from state 0 to 1
03/24/99 09:50:53,Server changed from state 1 to 8
03/24/99 09:50:53,Server is no longer connected (reading).
03/24/99 09:50:53,server: Closing server connection.
03/24/99 09:53:11,Accepted connection from address 24.236.x.xx
03/24/99 09:53:12,24.236.x.xx: Client requesting communication
03/24/99 09:53:12,24.236.x.xx: Contest rc564 didn't handle a packet!
03/24/99 09:53:12,24.236.x.xx: Closing client connection.

What would even be better is some sort of way to know when a proxy was
down, or when my perproxy is having problems.  Had I not noticed my client
on my desktop having fits about not getting a new block, I would have never
noticed it, and for something that is supposed to be install and forget,
this hurts that idea bigtime when the network is disrupted.  (I'm showing 3
proxy's on the proxy status page that have not been around for 3 or more

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