[PROXYPER] Multiple server ip's possible?

Ryan_McConigley at notes.dola.wa.gov.au Ryan_McConigley at notes.dola.wa.gov.au
Thu Mar 25 09:12:10 EST 1999

> I've experienced this problem as well, and I don't think it's because the
> server is down. In my case, this went on for about 3 days. I have a proxy
> service at home as well, and it was unaffected. The only difference I had
> between the two was the affected proxy used a telnet connection to go
> through a firewall. Telnet's to the servers worked fine however.

> In my case, I tried both name and IP numbers in the config with no
> If there was a parameter that could be changed, I tried it. In the
> meantime, the client I had running on the proxy machine had absolutely no
> difficulty in connecting and transferring blocks. Strange, Wot?

     This is strange, I've been having almost an identical problem here.
I've got my client running on two machines (A linux 486 and an NT Pentium).

A while back I discovered the client on the NT box wasn't reliably
blocks all the time, but the linux one was.  Both of them had identical
to connect through a firewall using HTTP.  So I installed a proxy on the
box using the same settings as the client, pointed both machines to it and
now nothing connects outside (However, client <--> proxy communications are
To bypass this, I'm planning on putting a modem on the linux box and just
up to my ISP once a week or so to dump and gather keys.

     If anyone is interested, tell me and I'll let you know how it goes.
By the
same token, anyone who has seen this before and knows how to fix it, please
 tell me :}


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