[PROXYPER] Justifications

Ray Pasley rpasley at rp3.webcrafters.com
Sun May 2 12:32:08 EDT 1999

I have a need to convince the concerned powers that be in a corporation
that participation in the RC5-64 project. Specifically the most concerned
parties will be the Security groups. 

To that end ,some history of hacks to both the client and proxy software is
sure to be needed. Is there any information that I can gather that will, if
not give confidence the these groups, then at least assurance that there is
no added security risks to internal networks and systems.

Secondly, It would be useful to present some justification for the
participation in a project dedicated to the breaking of nationally
supported encryption schemes. This justification would be best if not based
on idealistic reasons but pragmatic. I'm dealing with the business field,
idealism is not their forte.

If there are corporations presently officially participating in this
project who might they be, and have they issued any public statements about
their participation. Is there any prestige that could be had by participating.

Due to the use of idle cpu time participation costs the corporation nothing
that is not already being spent. The remaining concerns are those of
security and appropriates.

Any help in building a set of justifications for corporate participation
will help in making the project a rapid success. It also opens the
possibility for future possibilities for things like brokering idle cpu
cycles which really intrigues me and maybe others in this project.

Ray Pasley
Webcrafters Consulting
(816) 590-2899
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