[PROXYPER] Justifications

Joseph Armstrong jarmstro at powerup.com.au
Mon May 3 12:00:31 EDT 1999

> I have a need to convince the concerned powers that be in a corporation
> that participation in the RC5-64 project. Specifically the most concerned
> parties will be the Security groups.

And not without some justification - after all, they are responsible for the
maintenence and well being of that aspect of the firm.
That they might be ignorant of the facts is your task, not theirs.

> Secondly, It would be useful to present some justification for the
> participation in a project dedicated to the breaking of nationally
> supported encryption schemes. This justification would be best if not
> on idealistic reasons but pragmatic. I'm dealing with the business field,
> idealism is not their forte.

You've just answered yourself - the justification comes from breaking the
current rule set of Congress - it is the firms own interests to help make
stronger security. And, as you say, some prestige though that wouldn't sway

Furthermore, you've mentioned brokering CPU cycles - that too is a strong
selling point.
It seems to me that you easily have a case to forward to them but you are
going to have to sit down and carefully structure your arguments. Since you
work with these people, you probably already know how they are likely to
respond to certain statements - it then becomes a very simple job to prepare
a marketing program for yourself.

Joseph Armstong

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