[PROXYPER] Problem w\ tunneling

Riemann, Christian christian.riemann at epson.de
Mon May 3 09:41:55 EDT 1999

Hello together!

I just found some difficulties with the personal proxy when i tried to use
it thru a www-proxy with
_only_ an open port 80. The clients tunneling is working well (slow..but it
works)...the keyproxy instead seems to have a timeout problem there (
connect handshake fails very fast ).. did anyone had the same prob and
solved it??
Maybe theres an (undocumented) ini-tag to increase that timeout-value  :-)

Thanks in advance!

  Christian Riemann
      - Sales General -
  - Database Specialist -
EPSON Deutschland GmbH
Zülpicher Str.6
40549 Düsseldorf

Christian Riemann
*	christian.riemann at epson.de
*	bully at uni-duisburg.de
*	bully at viersen.com

Telefon : 0211/5603-455


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